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hands are my other big love to photograph. they so portray relationships, feelings, love…need i say more?
here are some photos of miss tía holding her grandfather’s (papou as he is known in greek) hands. she adores him and they’re very close. she is his namesake.

this is her with her ‘yiayia’ – grandmother. whom she is very close to as well. oh, she’s wearing tights, hence the whiteness of her legs.
and one more of my dad’s hands

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Jenty - Wow Des, the first one and last one are beautiful!
I’ve tried to take shots of hands like you, but you make it look easier than it is :)

JaneW - Wow these are really striking and rich with feeling.

Fiona's photo a day - I’ve never seen anyone capture hands quite like you do Des. These photo’s are stunning!

Tanja - Gorgeous, hands tell a real story and you capture it so well!

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