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Finding treasures

so…she was rummaging around my cupboard today, looking for hidden treasures, and she found one…another dress of mine – which makes it about 37 years old! it was waay too small for her – but beautiful nonetheless.
she had fun playing dress up, and insisted that i take a pic or two.
i won’t lie…i had fun too!

~ and see? she does smile ~ it’s just that i never share those. i like moody photos – but looking at how lovely she looks smiling, i’ll definately share more.

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oldmanlincoln - A very nice set of photographs. I also looked at your other blog and enjoyed that very much.

I have several blogs from which to choose and a website with photos.

Jenty - Wow Desi, those are lovely. The colour of the dress is so beautiful. And it’s so nice to see a pic of her smiling, but I agree with you about the moody photos – there’s something about them

Fiona's photo a day - She certainly is very beautiful when she smiles Des but I agree with Jeanette – there is something special about the moody photo’s.
I think it’s awesome that you kept some of your dresses, it must be such fun to see your daughter wearing them :)
Stunning photo’s BTW

Tanja - I don;t have any clothes from my childhood, it must be so nice to dress her up in your old things.

The lace is beautiful…and of course, so is T-pot!

Glou - Stunnig pics Des! You have beautiful children.

Château-Gontierdailyphoto - Very nice pictures.

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Enjoy your visit.

Carol Markusse - I am sure I don’t have to tell you how special that is to have her in your dress. Sheesh Desi. You guys make gorgeous kiddies. We really need to see some more of your work LOL!!

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