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gi-gan-tic [adj.] exceedingly large of its kind; very large; enormous

i have this amazingly talented photography buddy [krissy allori] , who on her home page, has a photograph of her daughter blowing a H U G E dandelion.

i’ve been drooling over that dandelion for months now. wishing that i could find one of my very own…dreaming of the photographs i could take…but alas…it was not to be.

not so folks!

low and behold…from the backseat the other day, i hear this excited screaming ~ might i add it almost caused me to roll the car:

“MOM!!! there’s GIGANTIC dandelions! A whole field of them!”

again, i almost rolled my car in sheer excitement!

i’ve been brewing my photos in my head all week, and then i found the perfect spot, and i was lucky enough to get the perfect light too.

and *this* is what i got:

thanx so much for stopping by and letting me share

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Tori Piercy - Desi!! She is GORGEOUS! And you my dear are pure artist! Dang woman you have mad talent!

Laura - OH MY GOODNESS!!!Desi these are positively stunning! STUNNING!!!!! Love your work!!

Audrey - OMG I love how these turned out, awesome job Desi!!

Kathleen - You are such an artist. I just love looking at your work! Stunning, stunning, stunning!

Kara Layfield - I think I could pick out your photographs from a table full. Your style is just wonderful. Your DD is beautiful and I just loved looking thru these. Thanks so much for sharing your art with us!

Jenn Ricketts - You are such an artist. Truly amazing! I love every bit of them, the capture, the unique processing, the colors, the setting, the light. Bravo!

~Liz - These are amazing Desi! I adore your work.

Gail - Wow! These are INCREDIBLE! So dreamy and beautiful – love these!!!

Anelle - how is it possible that everytime I see her she is even more beautiful! Desi, you are an artist in every sense of the word!!!

Julie Wagoner - These are amazing, she is amazing, the light is amazing, the dandelion is amazing….did I use the word amazing too much? Well, I can’t help it….Desi, just amazing!

Michelle Geis - I never get tired of seeing your children Desi. Absolutely beautiful. I love how you use light and distortion. Stunning.

azure - I LOVE that location! These are all drop dead gorgeous images and in no way could I ever pick a favorite. I absolutely adore your work, Desi. STUNNING!

Kelly Mack - So dreamy, so beautiful. Your work is magical Desi! I adore it.

Brandi-Lee - WOW Desi, these are beyond gorgeous, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours and processing style. The lighting is superb and far out girl, this is ART!!

Rowena - I’m speechless…Love love love your work. And what a beautiful girl!

Zoe Berkovic - These are so gorgeous and dreamy! So Desi like! :)

Carrie - Absolutely breathtaking! Seriously, these made me gasp!!

ashley - Beyond Gorgeous! OMGoodness. Fab.U.lous. Really. I am in awe!

Rachel Aberle - These are stunning! I just love her gorgeous eyes!

Danielle Frank - Love these, Desi. She’s beautiful. And your conversions are fantastic!

Jackie Jean - These are so beautiful!

Sylvia Borgo - *thud* Don’t mind me, that is just me fainting to the floor. LOVE!!! These images are among the best in children’s portraiture, Desi.

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