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erm….so….i’ve fallen in love

and here’s the object of my affection.

i think people must think i’m weird when i post pics of my own children and call them ‘divine’.

i mean who does that type of thing? not many people i know of. no-one in fact.

but that’s what they are, they’re divine. i always thought it it was only my own kids.

but then *this* came along.

and she’s divine.


i’m offering life-time babysitting. i can’t help myself. i’m smitten. i am.

but t’is ok. she’s a family friend. not a client.

and boy, is she divine, or what?

here she is at just 6 little days old.

and she came at 13 days, and gave me this

can you see why i’m in love?

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Brandi-lee - oh yep, she is absolutely precious! Love how snug and comfy she looks in that second shot. Gorgeous shots Desi

Michelle Geis - Yes, I see why you fell in love. These are lovely!

Michelle Geis - I see why you love these. Lovely!

Kara Layfield - OMG her eye lashes are killing me…I’m so jealous!! Beautiful work Jesi!! She’s beautiful!

Danielle Frank - These are just beautiful. That 4th one is to die for! I’m sure the family is thrilled!

Laura - totally agree…she is divine (but so are your kids LOL). What a doll baby. I would sign up for babysitting too…if I didn’t live so dog gone far. :-)

~Liz - What a doll. These are so beautiful! Great session!

Kathleen - She is precious!!! Love that you caught a smile too.

Kerry Siereveld - Look at that smile!!!! Beautiful captures Desi!!

Anelle Richardson - Oh, divine totally describes her! These are fantastic!

amy - look at those lashes.. Just to cute..

ashley - Beautiful! Those lashes are amazing! Love:)

Julie Wagoner - She is absolutely precious! Mom and dad…take Desi up on that babysitting offer too. :)

amy - gorgeous!! love the little smile!!!

Tori Piercy - Definitely! Gorgeous baby and all of these are so beautifully done! Love that smiling shot!

Claire - I would have too, Desi. Beautiful images.

amy - Look at that smile.. What a cutie.. Great Job~

Claire Hunter - I can see why you fell in love. Adorable and pictures are beautiful!

Zoe Berkovic - What a gorgeous little baby! Great set!

Carrie - Oh my goodness! These are stunning! And those eyelashes…I’m jealous!

Laura - Yes. I can see why you’re in love. Divine.

Gail - Those lashes, that smile!!! *sigh* Beautiful!!!

Sylvia Borgo - OH, my! She is so, so lovely! I just love the smiling image!

Clarice - These are precious. I love the smiling image!

Emily - Desi these are gorgeous!! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with referring to any child as divine! Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

Clarice - These are gorgeous!

Nicole Z - Look at those beautiful lashes! Oh, and that smile…it melts me!!!

Rachel Aberle - Oh my gosh, how sweet. Beautiful work here!

Scarlett - just beautiful in every way! your work is perfection:)

Leiba Bernstein - Awwww, so cute! Love her little smile! Her parents are so lucky to have these images!

Jackie Jean - these are so adorable and love that you captured a smile :)

Tanja - Oh, oh, oh, I know this is a bit after the gact, but that has to be the most edible newborn ever!!!
Those lashes…wow!!!

Anelle - BEAUTIFUL, Desi! She is absolutely gorgeous, as are the photos!

Danielle McCarty - What a beautiful little one Desi! Love this session!

Marzena - Gorgeous!! Love each and every single one.

Stephanie Callahan - Oh my goodness how adorable! Look at those lashes!

Jen Snyder - Oh, she is just beautiful! I can see why you fell in love. Beautiful images! :)

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